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  • Ode To Motherhood

    I sat down to write my yearly Mother’s Day card. It’s not as if I should be short of words for the woman who brought me into this world and,  despite the challenges of life, managed to raise me into a decent human. Yet, every year I wrestle with the words, desperate to find a […]

  • Love. What a Beautiful Thing!

  • Love Letters

    I noticed an envelope on the ledge just beneath our mail slots. Sharing this ledge and mail slots with 7 neighbors, I see a lot of mail and small packages; yet, this particular envelope stood out to me. It was colorful and handwritten. It was beautiful. Sitting on the ledge, begging to be mailed, knowing […]

  • Fostering Mercy

    Since May 2010, Escuela Viva, a bilingual early childhood program I began in 2004,  has shared a neighborhood with a church/dining hall where they feed the hungry. Living in Portland Oregon, we are no strangers to the burgeoning houseless population. Our school community has watched the houseless population grow right before our eyes. Our closest neighbors live […]

  • Beyond Tolerance

    I roll over, the sounds of the early birds chirping outside my window, ugh! The clock reads 4:22am. Waking at this hour is not unusual for me, unfortunately. Some mornings I can ease back into sleep, yet, this morning, not so much. One of the first images to fill my head is that of Chyna […]

As a Mama, entrepreneur, and urban dweller my blog is an opportunity to share all that I love about urban living and being a mama. I will share how I raise two children as a single mama and carry a deep love and respect for my home town of Portland Oregon. As a social worker, graduating from Portland State University in 1997 with a Masters In Social Work, much of my work is inspired by Jane Hull. Look her up, she was an amazing woman.

I choose to use my life, and this blog, as a means to share how I use my life to love and serve others. I believe, as did Albert Einstein that "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile". So I use my life, my time and energy to be part of innovative projects that aim to improve urban living. As a social worker, homelessness has long been a passion of mine.

So why a blog? I have learned that, when we share what brings our lives joy and light, everyone wins. Come along on my journey and share your own experiences, thoughts and bits of wisdom. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Believing in the power of positive human connections and the inherent beauty of mankind, DelightfullyUrban is committed to the promotion of healthy urban living through projects that aim to protect, serve and honor all of its’ citizens.