New Year Visions: Putting Ourselves First

I put a great deal of thought into my debut DelightfullyUrban blog post. It seemed only fitting with a New Years Day launch date to share a little about how I move into each new year. So many have the tradition of New Years Resolutions. I too have a similar tradition, though much less specific and more about how I want to see my new year unfold. Moving into 2016 I spend time thinking about, first, what I need to let go of. How can we learn and grow if we don’t first let go of what causes us pain or keeps us from moving forward? So moving into each new year I choose the hardest thing in my life to let go of. For the last few years I have chosen very difficult things, and I am so glad I did. In letting go I’ve learned to how to move foward fully and live the life I can hope for myself in the new year.

Secondly, I spend many a reflective moment thinking about what it is that I currently love about my life. Highlighting what we love helps us to be conscientious about carrying forward those aspects into the new year. For me that includes:

  • Financial freedom that allows me to be home with my children
  • Traveling: both independently and with my children
  • Writing about the things I love
  • Volunteering for organizations and causes that mean something to me
  • Cooking/baking and sharing it with as many people as possible
  • Moving my body as much as possible, mostly through small dance parties in my kitchen and walking 5-10 miles a day

These are all the highlights of what I focused on in my life in 2015 and that I hope to carry forward into 2016. Yet, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t stretch myself to do a bit more in the upcoming year. In 2016 I imagine myself:

  • Focusing more time on my writing endeavors
  • Putting more time into projects aimed at easing the challenges facing the homeless
  • Finding more opportunities to dance: maybe finding a dance class?
  • And remembering that I have more than I need: I will build a bigger dinner table in 2016,  mine isn’t big enough! My hope is to fill our table more often in 2016. Will you join us?


This last one is one I have thought about a lot over the last 10 years. My community has grown immensely in the last 10 years and many amazing people have come into our lives. We hope you will join us for more dinner, dancing, and baking parties. Our home and our hearts are more than big enough to invite all of you to share in 2016 with us!

In 2016, I will dance, travel and host more parties. All of us have more to offer when we put ourselves first from time to time and when we cultivate things that bring us joy and fulfillment. For me that is dance, travel and hosting. I am ready to make time for just me, filling up my own cup, for when my cup is full I have more to give.

Here is to a new year, one where we all put ourselves first from time to time and where we find time to bring into our lives those practices that bring us a sense of delight and fulfillment. What brings you joy? What will you let go of in 2016?

As I often like to say “Remember life is a marathon not a sprint. Take it slow and steady, stay hydrated and keep your eye on the finish line.”

Your Delightfully Urban Blogger~

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4 thoughts on “New Year Visions: Putting Ourselves First

  1. I look forward to seeing how your year turns out. I myself started a bullet journal to organize my life and to keep me focused. I have made a commitment to journal daily for the next 60 days to see how much I have accomplished and how organized I can get. I like your ideas a lot and I think I will incorporate some into my year.

    1. Silken

      Journaling for 60 days, what a wonderful way to start the year! An excellent, simple, yet potentially transformative act. Keep me posted on your progress, and yes I too am excited to see how 2016 treats us all! Here’s to an amazing new year!

  2. I have kept a “somewhat daily” journal for the last 11 years and I find the best part is just getting my thoughts – worries – and concerns out of my mind and onto a piece of paper.

  3. Michelle,

    Finding a way that works for ourself is the real task. Sounds like you found something that works for you! Wishing you the most amazing of years! Keep me posted and if you make any changes to your “somewhat daily” journal. I love learning from others!


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